The dreaded transition to daycare

Mmmmmmm drinking a latte while it’s still hot. I guess that’s one thing I have to look forward to when I go back to work?!

I’m sitting in a Starbucks after just dropping my son off at a 2 hour daycare transition visit. I’m not going to lie, it was way harder than I could have ever imagined. I love my job and am looking forward to going back but man, I’m going to miss him like crazy! I know he’s in good hands but it’s still hard learning to trust others with your pride and joy.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and started reflecting on my last year. A year ago Chris and I were meeting potential birth parents hoping for a match not having a clue that in only a few months we would become parents. With 6 days notice we didn’t have much time to prepare or do research. Luckily we have awesome family and friends who were a big help and made the transition easy.

I had a major to do list (I’m obsessed with lists for those who don’t know me) of all the things I was going to due while off.  Last night I realized I barely did any of it and yet for once I don’t care. I have no regrets! In my 9 months off I met a great group of women who have babies around Jackson’s age whom I got to see at least weekly. We spent lots of time with family and friends. We traveled A Lot and have amazing memories.  We did fun things like Baby Aquafit and going to the Aquarium but most importantly we spent time together becoming our own little family (including Marvin of course).

I didn’t organize our filing or keep the house super tidy. I waited to join a gym until just recently. I wrote a lot less blog posts than I thought I would and I spent more money than planned. But I have no regrets. I did work on Jackson’s baby book and we made time for his birth family as I know those will be important to him when he’s older.

So I go back to work Friday and besides feeling sad to miss my days with little man, I know I had an amazing time off and I’ll just value our time we have together now more.  And as I keep being told, I’ll get to go the bathroom alone and I got to buy my son a ridiculously cute backpack and lunch bag ;).

Ready for daycare



  1. As I read your post it reminds me that my short maternity leave will also be coming to an end soon. We have similar situations with us also having very little notcie(a few weeks more than you though- you must have been on an emotional high!) our adoption was the best thing that could have possibly happened to us. 9 months is no where near long enough- congratulations on your sweet boy and thank you for sharing your journey, it have me hope when I had very little:)

  2. Best of luck as you and Jackson transition into your working schedule. I think it’s great that he’s going to daycare and learning, at such a young age, to socialize with other children and adults. Anyone who has met your gorgeous little man knows that he’s going to be a Super Star at daycare! Guy Smiley is going to make so many new friends! I’m sure everyone there will look forward to his smiling face every day. xoxo

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